• What is CCT?
    CCT short for The color temperature of LED: in terms of absolute temperature (K), is a standard blackbody,when give heat to the blackbody, the heating temperature reach to  certain degree ,the color begines to change from scarlet,then to pale red,then to orange,then to white,then to blue, which is a gradual change.When the  light source have the same color with blackbody, we will call that as the color temperature of the light source.Of course,the correlated color temperature,in fact,based on blackbody radiatio,which is near the light source the light color,so the value of the light source light color performance,it is not an accurate color contrast, therefore, may still have some differences in color appearance.
  • What is color of led?
    The color of LED: the color of LED is an important  indicator, it must be marked in the related LED product,At present ,The main color of LED are green, blue, green, yellow, white, warm white, amber color and so on. when we design and order, the parameter is never forget, (especially beginners).

    Because of the color
     is not the same, the relevant parameters have great changes.