LED Stage Display
LED Stage Display
LED Stage Display mainly include rental led display,LED Curtain and LED Mesh,LED Dance Floor, and LED Ball,which is 
widely used .
•Mainly used in high level entertainment discos, large song and dance shows, fashion shows, outdoor advertising signs, building wall etc.
•It is a multimedia LED display system that can create virtual scenes and vivid color effects, which is primarily used as the background of film studio and digital stage.
•It is not only to install and dismantle but also competitive priced. Fits mass stage background making.
•Soutec stage LED display represents vivid prospects, abstract images and able to create illusive effects.
•Our stage LED display is equipped with a professional audio and video system to process multiple signals, which ensures the quality from signal processing and make it possible to play high fidelity images.
•The LED screen is controlled by two computers with duel cable features. When one computer fails, the other computer automatically takes over the work, thus ensuring normal operation of the display.
Outdoor LED display
Outdoor LED display: the area is generally tens of square meters to several hundred square meters or even larger, high brightness, large angle can work in the sun, with a certain wind, rain, water features. Mainly used for outdoor advertising, stations, squares, shopping malls and so on.